You're welcome

This week has mainly been filled with tiredness. I think we all have that "in desperate need of a break" feeling, yet don't have any holidays on the horizon. I couldn't really be bothered to do much, but we also needed to get out of the house! Luckily, it was Uncle James to the rescue.

James hadn't been to the new house yet so he got the train in from London on Wednesday and stayed the night. Since moving to the area at the end of May I have avoided Bicester Village - too dangerous. But as James' train from Marylebone was coming into Bicester Village station anyway, and we were picking him up, we decided to quickly pop in. Gosh, it was busy! Lots of people, with a lot of shopping bags. James treated himself to a Cath Kidston travel card holder (£3...big spender!) but I left empty handed, despite Charlotte's best efforts to get me to buy her a rose gold, leather Gucci kilt which was only £460!!! She also had her eye on this giant teddy bear which was part of a display.

The rest of the day was spent unwrapping Lego cards, watching Moana and eating ice lollies.

Once the kids had gone to bed I'd hoped we could get food from the steak van which is usually in a village down the road on a Wednesday night. Stu drove over to its usual spot on his way home from work but it wasn't there! Booooo! We tried out a new fish and chip place instead. It was ok, but no steak and chips. I was pretty disappointed, but the rest of the evening was spent drinking prosecco and getting pulled into the depths of YouTube with Dr Pimple Popper videos as the grand finale (if you click on this link what can I say except - you're welcome!).

Thursday morning was spent at 2 different parks, with Charlotte showing Uncle James how it's done!

At the second park Charlotte declared she needed a wee so I popped across the road to the pub with her. There was no one in there so I just took her through to the loos. On the way out a bar woman appeared and told me off. I know it was a bit cheeky but I still reckon a telling off is better than a 3 year old with soggy trousers! (And we did try to pop in for a pint this Saturday lunchtime but they'd closed early - what can you do?!)

After the kids ate their soggy sandwiches in the park we took James to test out our favourite ice cream place, before a second Bicester Village visit. This time I looked at ALL the handbags, but only left with some new Molton Brown soap and hand cream for my downstairs loo. I thought that was pretty restrained - but I do now have a wish list as long as my arm. Maybe I need to think about going back to work after all!