Birthday boy

I'm not sure how it happened but my baby turns one today. It doesn't seem two minutes since I was sat on the sofa watching the Muse Glastonbury set and saying to my husband "hmm, if I hadn't been having twinges all week I'd probably say I was in labour right now"! About 5 hours later you were born in the living room. We managed a couple of hours of cuddles and a quick tidy up (!) before your sister woke up and we could introduce you both - by far the best moment of my life so far.

In this first year I have lost count of the number of people who have asked me "is he always this happy?" (Answer: yes!) You wake me up at 4.45am, you pull your sisters hair (a lot) and you have given me all the grey hairs by climbing up on EVERYTHING. But you are a beautiful, giggly, cheeky, funny, happy little boy and we all love you so much. Happy birthday.