On the move

Today is the day. We're moving house

We're lucky and the process has been relatively stress free so far - don't want to count my chickens before they've hatched! We massively ducked out of packing duties and some amazing guys came and boxed 80% of the house up yesterday, and finished off this morning. So, apart from a bit of clearing out and a few trips to the tip, organising some new bits of furniture to be delivered etc we've not had huge amounts to prepare.

I can't claim to ever have been Reading's biggest fan, but I will still be sad to leave. This is the first house Stu and I lived in together. We got engaged whilst living here and came back to this house the day after we got married.

We brought our precious baby girl back here when she was about 5 hours old, and our beautiful boy was born in the living room.

Eldest on her way home at a few hours old
Littlest at 9 minutes old

I have also built up a lovely network of local friends. The kids and I are very sad to be saying goodbye to these fabulous people but we will certainly be back for visits and play dates!

Right, off we go. Time to start the new segment of my life as a "Real Housewife of Oxfordshire".