Let's Bounce

Charlotte currently goes to nursery on a Wednesday morning, and last week when I asked her what she wanted to do once I'd collected her the request was trampolining. So that's what we did!

Our nearest place to go is Atom Trampoline Park. We've been once before, but on a weekend when Benjamin was much smaller, so my husband bounced with Charlotte and I just watched. This time the 3 of us got involved.

The trampoline park holds toddler sessions, which is great as it means the little ones are less likely to get squished by bigger kids. On this occasion there was no danger of this happening though, as we were the only people there. We had the whole place to ourselves.

We booked online, which is definitely advisable on a weekend, but midweek during the day I suspect you'd be ok to just turn up on the day. As well as entry fee you also have to buy some trampoline socks. We already had an adult and a child pair so just needed to buy some for the little man.

They are very hot on safety so we had to listen to a safety briefing and you have to sign a waiver before you start. Your entry fee gets you an hour of bouncing to a load of kids music. There are lots of small square trampolines, a few long thin rectangular ones, a basketball hoop and balls, a small climbing wall,  and an air bag. There are also angled trampolines on the walls. I'm sure bigger kids would make much better use of these than my two, who mainly used them as a crash barrier!

We made very good use of the hour but towards the end of the session Charlotte was starting to flag. I don't think we'd have wanted to stay any longer than we did. There is a little cafe area, for those who want to sit and watch or if you do need a break, but we only need a quick 2minute raisin pit stop.

I think that it's a fairly pricy option for just an hour activity, but the kids loved it and it's a nice choice for an occasional treat. Charlotte has already asked to go back, so I'll have to see how long I can stretch it before we have to go again!

Edit: Unfortunately Atom Trampoline Park ceased trading on Sunday 22nd October 2017.