Swings and roundabouts

Anyone who is living under the same roof as one or more small humans knows that life can be somewhat chaotic. Today I spent a lovely relaxed morning with my son (9 months) whilst his sister (2 years 9 months) was at nursery. After nursery pick up we came home, had snacks, painted out in the garden, played a counting game, ate bolognese...and the day ended with me shouting at the toddler who had bitten me when she got a bit overexcited during a bit of rough and tumble, and the baby wailing as he was overtired. I am clearly not a perfect parent. In fact most days I question whether I'm anywhere close to being a good parent. And I do not have perfect kids. But we do love each other, and the fun adventurous times definitely outweigh the crap, grumpy, shouty times

On the whole, I find life much easier if we get out of the house and do stuff. Whether that's just a walk to the post box or a train ride into London for a "big day out". It may take a bit more coordinating to leave the house, but usually it means we are a lot more relaxed, we enjoy ourselves more, the kids learn more, the tv doesn't go on and we have the added bonus of not being sat inside staring at what a pig sty the house has become!

With this blog I'm aiming to make a record of some of the exciting things we have done, and are yet to do. Why now? We're in the process of moving house. We have such a lovely network of friends where we currently live. We know a lot about the local area, what's available for kids and where we can just pop out to when we have an hour to kill. In a month or two we will be moving 60 miles away, to a village where we don't know anyone, or the surrounding area. It's a bit daunting, to say the least, but we're going to run at it and really try to get stuck into the new community as quickly as possible. I've already started researching classes, activities and facilities but it's one of those things where you really don't know how things will pan out until you're there. I guess time will tell.

At bedtime, my son and I clambered into the toddler’s bed, and I apologised (again) for losing my rag. She wrapped her arms around us both and said "I shouldn't have put my teeth near you. But it's ok. We're all best buddies." Not a bad end to the day after all.

Now, where's that curry and wine?